Marriage Counseling


Marriage counseling looks to restore harmony to a marriage. A Marriage Counselor is a professional who does not take sides but looks at the problems involved. Then they look to apply the needed changes to get over problems that happen in marriages.

Many marriage problems are typical and effect great numbers of marriages. Because of that Marriage Counselors know what works and what does not work. In many cases it is a third party that comes between a married couple be it an intrusive family member or someone not at all related. Other typical problems are over money or in some cases external pressures at work or in society that place pressure on the marriage. Marriage Counseling looks to find answers to these problems and more striving to get a Win Win outcome that everybody can live with.

By deciding to seek Marriage Counseling it does not mean someone is right or wrong in a marriage. Marriage Counseling looks to provide options not considered by married couples to get past bumps and holes in the road. So in many ways a Marriage Counselor is like a teacher that teaches couples about options and approaches to problems. There are even married couples that take a proactive approach and occasionally see a Marriage Counselor to learn about ways to enhance their relationship by learning to avoid potential problems. Also Marriage Counseling is slightly different than Couples Counseling.


Counseling available with Skype

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Page last updated January 24, 2014