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Privacy Policy for counseling / psychotherapy


The HIPAA privacy policies from the USA are followed to protect your personal information. Discussion with other professionals about you is only done with your written permission unless compelled by law or you look to harm yourself or others. That includes family members, friends. If you do decide to give permission there is a time frame that you must specify. Meaning that you can limit how long the permission lasts and or what topics can be discussed.



If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian will decide the level of privacy.

The options are:

Full disclosure; Anything and everything can be talked about with only your parent or guardian at their request.

Limited disclosure ; Only the topics that you are seeking counseling about can be talked about and in a technical way. Meaning if you wish to keep your very private and personal information private then it will be kept private and personal. Most common is relationship information.

No Disclosure; This is just what it sounds like. All information about topics discussed is kept totally confidential and confidentiality is the same level as adult. Your parent or guardian waves the right to information.

If you turn 18 during the consoling / therapy then the choice becomes yours on your 18th birthday and the adult privacy guidelines apply. You will be asked to sign a new adult privacy statement to replace the minor privacy statement.

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Page last updated June 15, 2009