Professional Improvement Counseling

Personalized Professional Improvement Counseling

In a competitive job market being at the top of your game may be the difference between being employed and unemployed. Although you may be good at what you do, you may be lacking in interpersonal skills that get people working against you and not for you. The result is unnecessary friction at work that usually has a negative affect on wages and employment.

Discovering and using psychological and social tools that take charge of a situation in a passive way without causing friction or conflict with people. It does not matter if they are your superiors or subordinates, getting them on board with your ideas is part of what you will learn. Once you learn how to apply those tools you will discover that your performance will go up as people start getting on board with your ideas and start to recognize the path to their own advancement is teaming up with you.

Learn how to use the resources that are both invisible and available to you to grow your professional carrier and become that in demand professional that every company seeks. This will help you to not just be a good performer amongst other, it will make you stand out and be noticed. It will help you become that person who thinks outside of the box.

Bangkok Counseling has been working with professionals from General Managers right on down through the ranks with people who see potential in themselves but lack the knowhow in harnessing their carrier growing potential.

This type of counseling is focused on your personal situation and has no set parameters on how frequent you should come in. It is simply a tool that is available to people who wish self improvement. The recommended use of this tool is a 2 hour discovery session with a 1 hour followup session 1 or 2 weeks later. After that it is entirely up to you on how frequent you want to come in.

Please contact us if you want to make a difference in your professional life as the rewards are endless.

Counseling available with Skype


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Page last updated January 24, 2014