Sex Education

The quality of Sex Education in Thailand can vary greatly. When it comes to your children's health and future it makes sense that they are armed with the facts and not half truths that can be regrettable.

Some parents find it difficult to sit down with their children and explain to facts of life to them. Although we are already pre-programmed to find a mate, in today’s world there are countless perils young adults may encounter. Many parents rely on schools to teach their children sex education but in many cases that falls far short. It is up to the parent to decide if the schools do a proper job or not or if extra sex education is needed.

The sex education class provided covers everything and is geared for two age groups. This is a one on one class so no questions are embarrassing in front of their friends and classmates. The class runs about 2 hours.

Group 1 is pre-puberty 9 - 10 years old. This is a more technical talk and it covers understanding the changes that happen during puberty and why. It covers the mechanics of reproduction but does not touch on the intimacy associated with sex.  Technical terminology is used.

Group 2 is mid-puberty 13 to 14 years old or when they are showing signs of sexual attraction. This is a no hold barred talk that covers everything from sexual attraction, the consequences of unprotected sex, sexually transmitted dieses, and the responsibility of being sexually active. It is taught without the use of metaphors and explains things as they are using terms young adults use.

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Page last updated January 24, 2014