Substance Abuse Counseling


Substance abuse can destroy your life. It can be from the over use of alcohol to recreational drugs.

Bangkok Counseling can help you, but first you must want to help yourself. Bangkok Counseling also provides post rehabilitation follow-up counseling.

Bangkok Counseling understands that each persons situation is unique when it comes to substance abuse. Because of that our approach is tailored for each person to maximize effectiveness of counseling and therapy and to minimize intrusions on lifestyle and positive behaviors. We recognize that people who seek are help are victims of the substance and want to eliminate itís influence in their lives.

Our general approach is effective on itís own and is an excellent follow-up after rehabilitation. We look to help upgrade peopleís lives to be above the need or desire for the substance. Once that is done it becomes easy to abstain from the substance and move forward into a new and better chapter of their lives.


Counseling available with Skype

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Page last updated January 29, 2014