Thailand private counselors credential verification

Bangkok Counseling is one of a very few professional counseling services that has been asked to partake in the creation of an oversight policing body in Thailand of mental health professionals. The initial request came from the International schools in Thailand that we are out source counselors for. Their concern was they only wished to out source to professionals that;

(1) Have a proper work permit to work in Thailand.

(2) That their credentials were genuine and up to date.

The issue comes from a plague of people in Thailand claiming to be professionals who are actually not, and the desire to have only truly qualified professionals working with people in need.

The intended outcome is to provide a place for people to check if a claimed professional is genuine and can legally work in Thailand. What we have decided as a group is if the person is qualified to work per the requirements of their home country and or place they obtained their credentials and they have a proper visa and work permit to work in Thailand they would pass the vetting. The reason for this it the requirements can vary widely. For example the California requirements are not the same as Florida. The same is true from country to country.

This is all very informal and there is no set requirement that people must pass. It simply provides an added peace of mind check for people in need of a professional.

If you would like to know more please send an email to

Alternately you can contact international school counselors in and around Bangkok should you wish to speak to an independent source about this.

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Page last updated June 13, 2010